Bactrim (Trimethoprim)
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Product description: Bactrim is prescribed for treatment of pneumonia and other diseases of respiratory, gastrointestinal systems, urogenital systems.
Active Ingredient: Trimethoprim
Bactrim as known as: Ifitrim, Sulfaméthoxazole, Jasotrim, Trimoks, Balkatrin, Gentrim, Trimol, Alfatrim, Metoprim, Sultrim, Doctrim, Trimesulf, Esbesul, Sulfametoxazol, Trisolvat, Cotripharm, Apo-bactotrim, Noxaprim, Shatrim, Trimetoger, Tmps, Sulbron, Erphatrim, Oriprim, Trimosul, Sulphytrim, Octrim, Cots, Bactramin, Cadaprim-r, Cosat, Zaxol, Irgagen, Gantrisin, Trimethox, Yen kuang, Co-sultrin, Septran, Infectrin, Biseptol, Cotrimox, Oribact, Ottoprim, Megaset, Sutrim, Bitrim, Trisulf, Tagremin, Sulfa, Kaftrim, Sinatrim, Sulfatalpin, Cotrimstada, Septra, Pharex co-trimoxazole, Wiatrim, Netocur, Broncoflam, Droxol, Kanprim, Triforam, Altavit, Globaxol, Servitrim, Editrim, Meprim, Neoset, Groprim, Danferane, Sanprima, Baktimol, Trimesulfin, Fisat, Trimexole-f, Eusaprim, Anitrim, Assepium, Vanadyl, Betam, Trimexazol, Ikaprim, Suprimass, Daiphen, Trimosazol, Terasul-f, Balsoprim, Bacsul, Sulphatrim, Bioprim, Bactiver, Trim sulfa, Qiftrim, Trimsulint, Trisul, Escoprim, Sultrian, Novo-trimel, Infectrim, Ectaprim, Groseptol, Cotrim, Tripur, Theraprim, Megatrim, Sulfatrim, Dosulfin, Trimethazol, Baktar, Diseptyl, Bactropin, Kepinol, Dotrim, Feedmix ts, Sigaprim, Avlotrin, Cotrizol-g, Trifen, Kemoprim, Urobactrim, Bactron, Ditrim, Epitrim, Bakton, Trizole, Trimecor, Suftrex, Clotrimazol al, Bactricid, Sulfoid, Bactekod, Primazol, Lagatrim, Bactrimel, Sulfoprima, Bacticel, Plocanmad, Apo-sulfatrim, Two-septol, Biotrim, Nu-cotrimox, Sumetrolim, Deprim, Sulfamethoxazolum, Berlocid, Diatrim 24, Bactricida, Bactipront, Trimaxazole, Bucktrygama, Letus, Pehatrim, Ciplin, Biseptrin, Xepaprim, Sunatrim, Cadiprim, Primadex, Casicot, Metoxiprim, Co-try, Sultrima, Trisulin, Medibiot, Onetrim, Novotrim, Trimoxsul, Astrim, Trimidar-m, Sepmax, Tabrol, Cotreich, Bascul, Sitrim, Eliprim, Bactoprim, Novidrine, Sumetoprin, Cotrimoxazol, Omsat, Spectrem, Sulmetrim, Ribatrim, Dhatrin, Sulfamethoxazol, Bactrizol, Linaris, Exazol, Trimezol, Cozole, Co-trimoxazol, Trelibec, Zoltrim, Nopil, Sultri-c, Regtin, Politrim, Supreme, Cotribene, Organosol, Primsulfon, Primazole, Soltrim, Bacterol, Chemitrim, Navatrim, Purbac, Suprim, Sulotrim, Sulfagrand, Sulprim, Lupectrin, Lapikot, Resprim, Septrin, Infatrim, Kombitrim, Trimetoprim sulfa, Canibioprim, Actrim, Vanasulf, Neotrim, Nufaprim, Comox, Terbosulfa, Chevi-trim, Licoprima, Bacin, Adrenol, Methoxasol, Suprasulf, Roxtrim, Methotrin, Co-trim, Tritenk, Cotrimol, Sinersul, Trima-kel, Urisept, Drylin, Dientrin, Bismoral, Sulphax, Bactelan, Colizole, Metrim, Cotrix, Momentol, Trisulfose, Primotren, Forcrim, Bacta

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