Mevacor (Lovastatin)
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Product description: Mevacor is a medication used to lower high cholesterol, to slow the progression of coronary atherosclerosis.
Active Ingredient: Lovastatin
Mevacor as known as: Lostin, Anlostin, Mevastin, Lipidless, Terveson, Lotyn, Lovastin, Lovatop, Liposcler, Lovagamma, Cardiostatin, Liprox, Hiposterol, Lowlipid, Elstatin, Advicor, Mevinolin, Lovatrol, Aztatin, Colesvir, Artein, Justin, Mevinol, Korum, Mevasterol, Flozul, Lovameg, Viking, Lostatin, Misodomin, Cholvastin, Mevlor, Lovapen, Colevastina, Lovachol, Lo-lipid, Lovanil, Lovarem, Nu-lovastatin, Lovatex, Lovalip, Altoprev, Lipus, Lovadrug, Velkalov, Tecnolip, Lotivas, Rextat, Lofacol, Pms-lovastatin, Lipovas, Nabicortin, Lovadura, Liferzit, Medisorbin, Tavacor, Taucor, Pro-hdl, Loctin, Medostatin, Lovastatinum, Xue qing, Monacolin k, Lochol, Rovacor, Lovasten, Ilopar, Lovacol, Lowastatyna, Lovabeta, Lovastatine, Aterkey, Nergadan, Sidevar, Dilucid, Lovastatina, Liperol, Lipopres, Lovatin, Lipdaune, Lovasterol, Delipic, Hipovastin, Lovahexal, Holetar, Mevinacor, Medovascin, Lovinacor

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