Nimotop (Nimodipine)
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Product description: Nimotop is used to decrease problems due to a certain type of bleeding in the brain (subarachnoid hemorrhage).
Active Ingredient: Nimodipine
Nimotop as known as: Nimodipina, Vacer, Finacilen, Nimodip, Nemodine, Rosital, Nemotan, Dilceren, Irricer, Irrisana, Nimodipinum, Trinalion, Kenesil, Sobrepina, Nimovac-v, Aniduv, Nimobrain, Nimobal, Eugerial, Bloquel, Nimopin, Nimocal, Antis, Myodipine, Macobal, Irrigandum, Megavital, Ziremex, Iskidrop, Nimodilat, Nortolan, Remontal, Nisom, Neurocal, Explaner, Admon, Vasotop, Nivas, Neurogeron, Stigmicarpin, Naborel, Nimodipino, Nidip, Modip, Ac vascular, Tenocard, Irrigor, Noodipina, Oxigen, Tropocer, Periplum, Modipin, Nimodil, Grifonimod, Thrionipen, Befimat, Regental, Genovox, Vastripine, Figozant, Ceremax, Cebrofort, Brainox, Brainal, Curban, Nimodipin, Calnit, Vasoactin, Acival, Nimopidina

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