The purpose of this registration form is to acknowledge your online membership with us. It does not mean that you are an official member of the ICAAM until we’ve verified your registration with the Alumni Office through your CID number. Your status will be reflected once verified! (P/s: if you do not remember your CID number, get in touch with us)

[UPDATE] As of our AGM 2015 successfully conducted on the 21st of November 2015, normal membership is now FREE of charge, and all PAID members will be upgraded to Annex Lifetime status with a lifetime fee of RM160. An Annex Lifetime member will enjoy the discounted rate for all events while normal members will be required to pay the full fee for each event.

Be a part of the Imperial College Alumni Association in Malaysia


The charges for a Successful Application of Membership to ICAAM are now as follows:-

  • Alumni Membership – FREE
  • Annex Lifetime Membership – RM160.00

Method of Application

  • For alumni membership: Fill up the form above, submit and await verification. We will send you an automated e-mail confirming your CID number has been verified
  • For Annex Lifetime membership: Same as above, then make a payment of RM160 either by bank transfer (details below) and e-mailing a copy of the receipt as well as your name to, or just attend any of our events and make the payment to one of our committee members accordingly 1.

    Maybank: 512763613673