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The ICAAM Committee of 2022/2023

We’re here to help you stay connected in Malaysia and to each other. Whether you’re interested in finding out more about alumni chapters, events or services, we’re here to meet your needs. Please contact us at anytime you have a question or suggestions.

  Mr Sharifuddin Al-Manaf
Chief Executive Officer
Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation
Ng_Jee Kwan   Mr Jee Kwan Ng
Vice President
IDIR Solutions
chloe square   Ms Chloe Lee
Strategy Analyst
Accenture Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
  Mr Hock Im Kee
Structural Engineer
Web Structures Sdn. Bhd.
Christopher Tock   Mr Christopher Tock
Assistant Seretary
Founder & Chief Executive Director
Social Grooves
Kian Woon-min   Mr Kian Woon Chen
Liaison Officer
Assistant Manager Global Markets
Bank of China
  Ir Dr Aidil Chee Tahir
Liaison Officer
Corporate Strategy Consultant & Strategy Advisor
  Mr Anwar P.P. Abdul Majeed
Liaison Officer
Senior Lecturer
Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Sub-committee members include:

  • Ms Afiqah Rizal
  • Mr Chee Han Lim
  • Mr Chung-ky Soh
  • Mr Ahmad Faiz Bakri
  • Mr Ganesh Kathiresan
  • Mr Pei Hau Lim


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